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Trail Use Guidelines

General Use

Unless otherwise noted at the trailhead, many outdoor recreational activities are permitted on all trails in Sherborn: walking/hiking, running, birding, horseback riding, mountain biking, and Nordic skiing. The trails are also intended for quiet appreciation of the environment. Respect the needs and safety of other trail users. Remember that horses can be frightened by sudden appearance
or loud noise.

Mountain Bikes

Trails built specifically for mountain biking were recently created in the Town Forest on Pine Hill and Brush Hill. These trails are clearly marked and remain open to all users.

Motorized Vehicles

No motorized vehicles, except for emergency vehicles, are permitted anywhere on Sherborn’s trails.


Hunting is strictly regulated, allowed only at certain times on property managed by TFC and
Trustees of Reservations. Advance permission from the managing organization is required.

Private Property

Many trails pass close to, or run through, private property. If the property is posted, please do not
trespass; if open, please use the trail respectfully.


On public lands, individuals or groups with two or more dogs must have all dogs on leash. Otherwise, there is not a leash law in Sherborn, but any unleashed dog must be under reliable
voice command. Owners are expected to clean up after their dogs. Move dog poop well away from the trail. Poop in a plastic bag should NOT be left along the trail; take it home!

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